Beijing Bistro


  • Beijing Bistro in Wichita / Bar & Chinese Restaurant
  • Beijing Bistro in Augusta / Chinese Restaurant
  • Beijing Bistro in El Dorado / Lounge & Asian Restaurant

Founder of Bejing Bistro

Beijing Bistro is owned and operated by two generations of the Chen family, who believe that all of their customers' appetites should be completely met at affordable prices. The legacy began with Chef Ping-Chen, who served as a head chef for the government of Taiwan before being lured to the U.S. in 1979 by the owners of Hunan, a successful restaurant chain in San Francisco, CA. In the early 1980's, while living in California, Ping entered a chef's competition in the China Town District of San Francisco. Ping placed 3rd out of 1,000 contestants in 1985. He relocated with his family to Wichita where he opened his 1st generation family owned Beijing Bistro since 1992.